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Possible NGC Coin Design Spotted!

The release of the Philippine’s New Generation Currency (NGC) Coins have been highly anticipated by the collector communities all over, following the announcement of the New Generation Currency Banknotes way back in December 2010. From then on, Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) have mentioned and given many date revisions on its possible release from several of their public statements, but in a May 2015 report, BSP said that “the coins would probably be released in the later part of 2016 or early part of 2017.”

Lately a very interesting coin design set dubbed as “Annex C”, was spotted over Facebook. Based from the post, the new coin series features Philippine flora. Minted on the obverse side are the bust of our national heroes; Mabini, Bonifacio and Rizal, for the 10, 5 and 1 piso coins respectively, while the remaining lower denomination; 25, 5 and 1 sentimo coins, depicts the 3 stars and the sun of the Philippine flag. There’s no any bi-metallic in the design set, it seems that the metallic coin composition are all the same. The 1 sentimo coin here, apparently got retained, contrary to BSP’s previous plans of ditching the said denomination.

Though others may question the validity of the post, it is highly possible that the coins’ design and development might be in full swing, where sample design sets might have already been minted  and are already being presented for selection. These coins are likely to be a part of an internal design and selection process, where things may be subjected to further design changes. May I stress out that BSP have yet to officially announce the release of the New Generation Currency coins. The thing is, we just have to wait it out for a few months more. Hopefully, if BSP keeps things up on schedule, we all might be in for a big treat this 2017.



Taken fom Facebook group (see reference below): All credit goes to rightful owner/owners.


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