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A Papal Order! Finally!

Just want to drop in to say that I finally received my 50Peso Papal visit commemorative coins. I made my order on January 15 and after months of waiting, and yes… months… I finally got it last week. Err.. Hurray! As for the other denominations which were included in my order, well… its another waiting … Continue reading

Spot Counterfeits Silver Coins using Rare Earth Magnets

With thousands of counterfeit/fake/replica coins coming out right now, it would be practical for the collector to ensure that they are purchasing the authentic ones. A fake silver coin can be quickly detected using a neodymium rare earth magnet. Here’s how… Hold the coin at an angle of 45 degrees, place the magnet at the … Continue reading

2014 Commemorative Coins

Great news for numismatists! The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) published an announcement on Friday, that three new limited edition, commemorative circulation coins, will be made available starting on Monday, 22 December 2014. “There will be 10 million pieces available for sale and there will be 20,000 in brilliant, uncirculated pack. We’ll try to make … Continue reading

Andres Bonifacio 150yrs Commemorative Coin

Here’s a closer look on Bonifacio 2013 Commemorative coin.

The 500 peso Marcos banknote

For twenty seven years it has eluded the eyes of many, most wouldn’t even know its’ existence. But this month, the Pilipino numismatic community was in awe as the rare “1985 Marcos – Fernandez 500 piso bill” showed up in pinoynotes.hostoi.com, one of the most reliable site on Philippine banknotes. This note is cited for … Continue reading

Error Coin’s error

This message was taken from PNAS yahoo group and was written by Mr. Erni Labao ===================== Hi Fellow collectors, I just want to call your attention on some questionable coins that has been floating around lately. I’ve seen samples being sold at eBay.ph and at least on one occasion in one of our local auctions. … Continue reading

Signature Varieties

Banknote collections for some is a very serious thing and actually varies in every person. Most of their collection are based on banknote signatures, wherein it involves every presidential and BSP governor signature of every denomination in every year, but not limited, it all depends on the collector should sample he decide to focus, say … Continue reading

Philippine error coins

In the Philippines, there are two misspelled coins in particular which were considered to be error coins, these are the 10 sentimos where “PANDAKA PYGMEA” stands instead of “PYGMAEA” and the 50 sentimos with “PITHECOBHAGA JEFFERYI” instead of “PITHECHOPHAGA JEFFERYI”, both under the “Flora & Fauna” coin series. These two were a 1983 release and an instant … Continue reading

August Auction 2011

This August will be a very busy month for coin collectors. The announced schedules are: 1.) Saturday, August 20 organized by Bayanihan Collectors Club (BCCI) 2.) Sunday, August 21 organized by Philippine Numismatists and Antiquarian Society (PNAS) 3.) International Auction on Sunday, August 28 organized by Bank Note Society of the Philippines (BNSP).. this BNSP auction may again be pegged in Dollars which discourages … Continue reading

Old coins, banknotes stores in Metro Manila

If your looking for old coins and banknotes, folders, holders or other things you might need for your collection, best to visit the following: JC Coins and Antiques (owned by Jun Cuartero) @ Green Hills Shopping Center (SITE MAP HERE) (Furniture Area) De Jesus Variety Store (owned by Ray De Jesus) @ Recto near Mendiola (SITE … Continue reading

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