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Calungsod overprint a misprint?

A closer comparison of the Calungsod overprint with the logo which came from the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP), one would surely spot a big difference. The islands of Guam and Cebu (place of origin and martyrdom) are supposed to be included among the palm leaves incorporated in its design. The question now is, where is Cebu?

Its looks like that there might have been an issue in editing the image. Contrast adjustment must have been applied on the original image, rendering the Cebu Island completely invisible, hence missing on the final print. CBCP have announced the release of the said overprint last February and based from the sample notes they have publicly shown, seems that its’ been that way since. Possibly overlooked?

Image by PNN. Logo by CBCP

Image by PNN. Logo by CBCP

Photo by PNN – Fab

Photo by PNN – Fab



5 thoughts on “Calungsod overprint a misprint?

  1. I finally have this is my collection, but didnt notice the missing detail. Thanks for pointing that out. By they way, i have been wanting to ask, the symbol beside the banknotes number, what does that mean?

    Posted by mikeallanmviernes | 26 June 2013, 10:55 AM


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